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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has ultimate responsibility for the prudent management of the Bank and for oversight of senior management. Its terms of reference include, but are not limited to:

  • Determining the Bank’s vision and strategic aims and setting the Bank’s values and standards to ensure that the Bank’s obligations to its stakeholders are met;
  • Accepting ultimate accountability in relation to the Bank’s adherence to applicable law and regulations in the conduct of its business including all regulations and principles promulgated by the FCA and PRA;
  • Ensuring that the Bank has the necessary organisational structure and financial and human resources available to meet its strategic aims; and
  • Assuming responsibility for evaluating management performance and for reviewing and overseeing the effective implementation of the Bank’s Remuneration Policy.

The Board comprises at least six members, a balanced mix of executive and non-executive directors and no less than two independent non-executive directors. The Chair of the Board is a non-executive director.

Members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the Board on the recommendation of the Bank’s Remuneration and General Purposes Committee and following the agreement of the Board of Directors of the ultimate shareholder.

The Board has delegated a number of its responsibilities to four Board Committees.